Cofferdam collapses in Gladstone

GLADSTONE, Ore. (KOIN) – A cofferdam for a new Lake Oswego water intake pumping station currently under construction on the Clackamas River collapsed Wednesday afternoon in Gladstone.

The dam in the 100 block of East Clackamas Boulevard had a partial breach. According to Jane Heisler with the city of Lake Oswego, the dam was fairly compromised. Crews were working on a smaller breach on the bank side of the dam when they discovered the larger breach on the river side, Heisler said. The cause of the collapse has not been confirmed.

Slayden Construction Group, the contractor in charge of the station’s construction, was working with engineers Thursday to deal with the breach. A cofferdam is a temporary enclosure that pumps out water to allow crews to work in a dry environment. Heisler said that crews had done enough work thus far on the station itself that they could continue working on the facility despite the breach.

The intake station is part of a massive project to upgrade water facilities for Lake Oswego and Tigard, which have a partnership that allows them to share water resources. The upgraded facilities are scheduled to be operational by July 2016. The new station will pump 38 million gallons of water a day, replacing one that currently pumps 16 million gallons. Lake Oswego gets all its water from the Clackamas River.

The new system will pump water from the Clackamas River, through Gladstone, and under the Willamette River to a water treatment plant in West Linn, before being distributed to Lake Oswego and Tigard.

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