Southeast Portland's China Hut Restaurant caught fire Nov. 13, 2014. (PF&R)

Cigarette cause of China Hut fire

Investigators Thursday blamed a lit cigarette for a fire that caused several thousands of dollars in damages to a Chinese restaurant.

Portland Snow Forecast

Big Portland Snow or No Go?

Update — 1:45 PM Thursday “Models Perform Very Well Once Again – Storm Largely Fizzles” Today’s highly advertised yet under performing storm…

File - Generic Crime Scene Tape POLICE

Eugene man accused of killing his mother

Police said Timothy Cowell was taken into custody late Tuesday after discovering the body of 61-year-old Elaine Wooden in a Eugene apartment…

Police light (file)

Missing man found dead on Sauvie Island

The Portland Police Bureau has taken over the investigation from the Oregon State Police, after the man was found in the island’s Willow Bar…