Electronic Cigarettes

At a Glance: Electronic cigarettes

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES: The battery-powered devices made of plastic or metal heat a liquid nicotine solution, creating vapor that users inhal…

Agent says Heat to sign Greg Oden

Greg Oden still needs some time to get ready for the rigors of playing in the NBA. He no longer needs a new team, however.

Dumped cars disgust Oak Grove residents

Six cars, including a Corvette, a Jaguar and a VW Bug, were dumped into the Willamette River near the Oak Grove boat ramp over the years. Th…

Dust spore caused infant botulism

“Infant botulism is a very rare condition,” said Dr. Jim Lindsay from Randall Children’s Hospital. Oregon sees no more than one or two case …

Kitzhaber to visit smoky SW Ore.

Nearly 4,500 firefighters are battling blazes that have charred more than 40,000 acres of forestland in the state.

Wizer’s closing after 65 years

The supermarket that has been as closely associated with Lake Oswego as any business is finally shutting down after more than six decades.