In this Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010 photo, Macedo, a dog owned by Louisa Solano, pauses during a visit to a Cambridge, Mass., dog park. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

Oregon court: Dogs are property

The appeals court ruled that animals are personal property under the eyes of the law and owners have rights.

Milwaukie Providence Hospital nurse Kenny Otley uses the health system's new software to check on a patients vital signs. Epic Database software extends heart-rate monitoring away from a patients bedside so an on-call physician can even log into the system from home to diagnose a possible heart murmur. Undated photo. (Raymond Rendleman/Clackamas Review)

Portland hospitals get good report

The Portland area is a fine place to run a hospital, with a growing market populated by a homogeneous citizenry that mostly keeps itself hea…