Obama delays Syria vote

Seeking an OK to use military force, but facing stiff resistance in Congress, the president will discuss his plans for Syria during a prime-…

9-9-13-vancouver semi trucks-Gary Kahne

39th St. trucks a big issue in Vancouver

They’ve fought to get semi trucks off a street that goes through the heart of their neighborhood for more than a year. But people living in …

9-9-13-dahlia theft sign2

Thief steals $100s in fundraiser dahlias

Retired school teacher Carol Halvorson sells fresh flowers from her garden on NE Klickitat near 60th Avenue. She insists if the thief only k…

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly wins first NFL game

The Philadelphia Eagles have begun the Chip Kelly era by beating the defending NFC East champions on their home field.

Washington State Rules

Feds to meet with WA gov about legal pot

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is set to meet Tuesday with the two top federal prosecutors to discuss the DOJ’s “concerns” about the state’s leg…