9-18-13-420 gate

Wash. neighbors take on ‘420 Gate’

It’s known as “420 Gate” — an area in Vancouver neighbors say is overrun with disrespectful kids and even drug dealers: “We have had enough…

police lights with siren

Son, 2nd teen arrested in sword attack

A Spokane County sheriff’s spokesman says two teenage boys have been arrested in a bizarre sword attack on one teen’s mother that reportedly…

9-18-13-6A sports debate

Are Portland’s high schools going 6A?

Concerned parents packed a town hall meeting in Southeast Portland Wednesday, worried about the future of athletic programs at Portland Publ…

Bumblebee Discovery

Ore. survey finds rare bumblebees

A six-week survey of bumblebee species in Oregon’s Mount Hood National Forest has produced an encouraging find — a dozen of the increasingl…

9-18-13-eastside streets

City vote: $8M to east-side improvements

“People in east Portland will tell you they feel like the city has really neglected East Portland for years and years,” said Portland Commis…


Seattle getting Rainier Beer ‘R’ back

Tully’s announced it will be removing its green Tully’s “T” atop the building later this month in order to allow for the re-installation of …

9-18-13-sidewalk repairs

Sidewalk repair bills rack up

This past week the city council approved nearly $90,000 worth of sidewalk repair bills to 80 homeowners. But some are questioning the price …

9-12-13-crematory smoke-viewer video deinterlaced

PPS checking school near crematory

The Portland Public Schools will do its own environmental tests near a Northeast Portland crematory spewing black smoke into the sky in a re…

Portland police

Car sleeper: I was sexually assaulted

A 19-year-old woman told police she was sexually assaulted while she slept in her friend’s car in the southeast industrial area of Portland.


Survivor: Is blood thicker than water?

The new season of CBS Survivor starts Wednesday night. Two of the castaways — both Salem, Ore., natives — talk to KOIN 6 News about what i…