KOIN TV Listings


Football Schedule Programming Changes

Effective Thursdays starting September 11, 2014 – October 23, 2014

4:00pm-4:30pm KOIN 6 News @ 4pm

4:30pm-5:25pm The NFL Today

5:25pm-8:15pm NFL Pre-season:  Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers

8:15pm-9:00pm KOIN 6 News Special Edition: Post Game (collapsible)

9:00pm-10:00pm KOIN 6 News @ 9pm (collapsible)

10:00pm-10:30pm Extra

10:30pm-11:00pm Entertainment Tonight

Preempts:  TBA @ 8:15-10p

Garden Time Schedule Changes

Saturdays, 9/13/14-11/29/14

4:30am-5:00am Garden Time (original)

Not on 11/8/14

Saturdays, 9/13/14-10/25/14 & 11/15/14-11/29/14

5:00pm-5:30pm Garden Time (repeat)

Not on 11/8/14

Saturday, 11/1/14

12:30pm-4:00pm The Home Depot SEC on CBS: Florida @ Georgia

4:00pm-4:30pm Storm Stories (repeat)

4:30pm-5:00pm Garden Time (repeat)

5:00pm-8:00pm The Home Depot SEC on CBS: Notre Dame vs. Navy

“Garden Time” will not air on 11/8/14.