News Links

April 21, 2014

Clear Point Credit Counseling

April 16, 2014

Portland Public Text Alerts

Community Supported Agriculture

April 15, 2014

Portland Arts Tax

Portland Public Schools job recruitment info

April 14, 2014

The Community Alliance of Tenants

Portland area Passover events and Community Seders

Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives

April 11, 2014

Portland Street Seats

April 8, 2014

Whatcom County measles case

April 7, 2014

2013 Oregon Values and Beliefs Study

April 4, 2014

Personalized bricks at Pioneer Square

Violence Prevention Program BoyStrength

Win a trip to Australia

April 2, 2014

“Save Your Refund” and win big

April 1, 2014

American Red Cross Emergency Survival Kit

Submit idea or solution to combat drug use in Longview parks

Marion County K9 Max donations

Vehicles GM has recalled dating back to 2004

March 31, 2014 

Report sidewalks in need of repair (Portland)

Report sidewalks in need of repair (Vancouver)

Crowd funding project to move the Belmont goats to Lents 

March 27, 2014

View where landslides have occurred with the Oregon HazVu: Statewide Geohazards Viewer

March 26, 2014

Donate to the mudslide disaster efforts in Washington

March 25, 2014

Oregon HazVu: Statewide Geohazards Viewer

Rubber wristbands for pollution

March 24, 2014

A New Millenium shopping experience

March 23, 2014 crowdfunding page for Oregon filmmaker’s zombie trilogy page for Shoot Natural Glove co-owned by Wash. dads

March 21, 2014

Email your comments about the ban on munchables at medical marijuana dispensaries

March 20, 2014

Oregon Household Goods Movers

March 19, 2014

Bonneville Power Administration Grants

March 18, 2014 

10 things you should never buy at a garage sale

March 17, 2014

Department of Administrative Services: Oregon surplus

March 15, 2014

Crowdsourcing to search for Malaysian plane

March 14, 2014

City Club of Portland assesses governance of water and sewers

March 13, 2014

Burial fund for 2-year-old Coltin Johnson

March 11, 2014

Kevin Bacon explains the ’80s

March 10, 2014

FBI tips to detect common fraud schemesu

March 5, 2014

Go Fund Me for Danny Russu

Danny Russu on Apollo Drain Facebook page

A New Millenium shopping experience

Top 10 Oregon consumer complaints

March 3, 2014

Create the Trail Blazers Court

How to apply for an Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary license

Feb. 28, 2014

President Obama, VP Biden work out

Feb. 24, 2014

Fundraiser for Joan Zuber

Feb. 20, 2014

Portland roads survey

Feb. 19, 2014

101 best restaurants in America

Feb. 17, 2014

Near-Earth asteroid 2000 EM26 – live on Slooh

Meat product recall

Feb. 13, 2014

Sandbag sites around the area –

Washington County
Multnomah County
Clackamas County
City of Salem

Feb. 12, 2014

Amazon Jobs

Feb. 11, 2014

Graco Car Seat recalls

10th annual AP Report to the Nation

Feb. 8, 2014

TriMet Alerts

Feb. 5. 2014

Donate to the Legacy Cardiac Rehab Sholarship by calling the Good Samaritan Foundation

Feb. 4, 2014

Upcoming Red Cross blood drives:

Feb. 5: 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Cedar Hills Crossing Mall-Beaverton blood drive, 3205 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Feb. 5: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. APIC Property Management LLC Koin Center, 222 SW Columbia, Portland
Feb. 6: 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Portland Blood Donation Center, 3131 N Vancouver Ave., Portland
Feb. 6: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Montgomery Park blood drive, 2701 NW Vaughn, Portland
Feb. 7: 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Portland Blood Donation Center blood drive, 3131 N Vancouver Ave., Portland

Jan. 31, 2014

Arco BP Debit Card class action suit

Financial Bullying

Jan. 29, 2014 – PPB property auction

No Labels

Jan. 24, 2014

Organic Transit



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