Elishah Oesch, KOIN 6 reporter

Elishah Oesch, KOIN 6 AnchorElishah Oesch is the morning reporter for KOIN 6.

Previously, Elishah anchored the morning broadcast at WKOW for three years. During her time there, she received the prestigious “Best Morning Broadcast” award from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. In addition to her anchoring duties, Elishah reported on a wide range of stories, from the Capitol protests to the Jefferson Awards.

Prior to WKOW, Elishah anchored and reported for Fox 28 in Indiana, and Fox 61 in Tennessee.

Elishah is a very active community volunteer. From the Boys and Girls Club to the YWCA, Elishah is passionate about helping children and women achieve their goals.

She also loves to travel and is interested in international affairs. To that extent, she hosted a week-long trip to Paris, France with viewers in 2012. Elishah has been a keynote speaker for the YWCA, and acted as guest speaker twice for the Leadership Course at UW Madison.

She’s also written monthly columns for BRAVA magazine, and been highlighted in monthly segments on the radio station, Life 102.5.

Among the charities Elishah works with are the YWCA, PAWWS to Heal, MDA, Zonta Zing, Hospice Care, American Red Cross Badger Chapter, and the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County.

Elishah, an avid runner and dog lover, is proud to be in beautiful Portland. Don’t be surprised if you see her running through the Pearl with her best friend, Sonya the Saluki, by her side. She also loves the arts, and is a foodie at heart.

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