Carla Castaño, KOIN 6 Investigative Reporter/Producer

Carla Castano, KOIN 6 ReporterCarla Castaño is a three-time Northwest Regional Emmy nominated Investigative Reporter. Her investigations have resulted in law changes at the state, county and city levels. Carla has also won several awards for Breaking News, Hard News, Spot News, Continuing Coverage and Team Coverage from the Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists as well as Best Reporter while in Austin, Texas.

On the KOIN 6 Investigative Team Carla is constantly getting results for the community and once she starts digging on a story, she doesn’t stop.

Carla did an undercover investigation exposing state-funded day care workers smoking marijuana while children were still in the workers care. It ended with the Oregon law being changed for both medical and recreational marijuana use on day care property and marijuana consumption for workers caring for children.

Another undercover investigation resulted in a night club being shut down. Her tenacious pursuit allowed her entry into the club to show underage kids being sold illegal drugs and clearly intoxicated inside the club.

An investigation resulted in tens of thousands of dollars being refunded to several seniors being preyed on by a business. Later, the state deemed it predatory and launched their own investigation into the company unfairly overcharging the elderly customers for unneeded work.

Carla’s investigation on another story helped restore police service to a rural town.

She also helped shut down a state-funded teen sexuality conference when sexually explicit material was  given to children as young as 11 without the knowledge of the Oregon Department of Education Deputy Superintendent. The DOE launched an investigation after her story revealed pamphlets were being handed out that were later deemed inappropriate for school age students. Carla also found adult porn websites were part of the agenda for students to see as well.

These are just a few example of the ambitious commitment Carla Castaño has to serving her community through her dedication to reporting.

She graduated from Portland State University with honors and studied abroad at La Universidad de la Habana in Cuba. Carla is a Benson High School graduate and majored in KBPS radio while there.

KCBY in Coos Bay was Carla’s first paid on-air TV job. She also shot and edited her own stories.

After two years, she moved to Eugene and worked as a reporter at KVAL for the next three years.

In 2007, Carla ventured off to the capital of Texas where she took a reporting position at KXAN. In Austin, she was quickly promoted to the lead crime and courts reporter. At KXAN Carla had the opportunity to cover big national stories including the Fort Hood shooting, the impact of hurricanes Ike and Gustav as well as the plane attack on an IRS building.

After three years in Austin, Carla was offered a position at KOIN 6 News and couldn’t be happier to be back in the Rose City, serving the community she grew up in and has always called home.

Carla is always looking for great stories to share, so email your news tips to her.

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