Brian Miskimins, KOIN 6 Weatherman

Brian Miskimins, KOIN 6 WeathermanBrian has a passion for delivering the most accurate weather reports. He came to love the weather when he was just 6 years old when it started snowing around Christmas time. He knew then he wanted to learn everything he could to understand the complex Pacific Northwest weather patterns.

He wants people to be prepared for what Mother Nature might throw their way — especially considering how fast the weather can change here.

Brian joined KOIN 6 in January 2009 working as a weather producer, and quickly moving to an on-air position in October of that year.

He is a native Oregonian and Portlander, so he knows all the roads and ways to get around traffic like the back of his hand.

When Brian is not working at KOIN 6, he works for a local elementary school. He loves spending his free time with his family and friends helping them with different home projects. You also may see him out running, as he loves to go on long runs — especially on the weekend with his wife Laura.

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