KOIN 6 News Team

Jeff Gianola, KOIN 6 Anchor

Jeff started his news career while still a teenager growing up in San Diego. Learn more about Jeff.

Jennifer Hoff, KOIN 6 Anchor

Jennifer Hoff, KOIN 6 Anchor

Jennifer earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. Learn more about Jennifer.

Ken Boddie, KOIN 6 Anchor

Ken Boddie co-anchors KOIN 6 News This Morning with Jenny Hansson each weekday. Learn more about Ken.

Jenny Hansson, KOIN 6 Anchor

KOIN 6 News anchor Jenny Hansson


Jenny drinks a lot of coffee to get up at 2:05am (to be exact) to anchor KOIN 6 News this Morning. Learn more about Jenny.

Dan Tilkin, KOIN 6 Anchor

Dan is one of the longest tenured reporters in Portland. He has been uncovering and gathering news here since 1997. Learn more about Dan.

Trevor Ault, Breaking News Anchor/Reporter

Trevor Ault

Before moving to Portland, Trevor spent several years at WTOL 11 in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Learn more about Trevor.

Chris Holmstrom, KOIN 6 Anchor/Reporter

Chris was raised mostly in Phoenix, and has lived in South Dakota, Alabama, Germany and Panama. Learn more about Chris.

Anna Canzano, KOIN 6 Anchor

KOIN 6 News weekend anchor Anna Canzano

Anna grew up in northeast Portland and graduated from Parkrose High School. Learn more about Anna.

Eileen Park, Reporter/Anchor

KOIN 6 News reporter and anchor Eileen Park

Eileen began her journalism career in NYC at ABC News 20/20 as a freelance senior production associate. Learn more about Eileen.

Stan Brock, KOIN 6 Sports Anchor

Stan is a Portland native who played 16 years in the National Football League and later coached college football for Army. Learn more about Stan.

Carly Kennelly, KOIN 6 Traffic Anchor/Reporter

Carly was born and raised in Los Angeles and earned a Radio/Television/Film degree from the University of North Texas. Learn more about Carly.

Joseph Dames, KOIN 6 Meteorologist

Joseph Dames, KOIN 6 Meteorologist

A Chicago native, you better believe he has a love for Chicago sports and, of course, that deep dish pizza. Learn more about Joseph.

Claire Anderson, KOIN 6 Meteorologist

KOIN 6 Meteorologist Claire Anderson
KOIN 6 Meteorologist Claire Anderson


Claire graduated from the University of Washington and received her Meteorology Certificate through Mississippi State University. Learn more about Claire.

Lisa Balick, KOIN 6 Reporter

Lisa Balick, KOIN 6 News reporter

Lisa Balick’s passion for covering politics began as a political science major at Tufts University. Learn more about Lisa

Tim Becker, KOIN 6 Reporter

Tim was born on the Island of Luzon in Sagada, Bontoc Mt.Province, where he lived before moving to Baguio city with his family. Learn more about Tim.

Adam Bjaranson, KOIN 6 Sports Reporter

KOIN 6 Sports reporter Adam Bjaranson

Adam Bjaranson is no stranger to covering sports in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about Adam

Jennifer Dowling, KOIN 6 Reporter

Jennifer Dowling KOIN 6

Jennifer earned degrees in journalism and business from Central Michigan University. Learn more about Jennifer.

Andrew Dymburt, KOIN 6 Reporter

Andrew graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Communications focusing on Journalism and Sports Management. Learn more about Andrew.

Amy Frazier, KOIN 6 Reporter

Amy grew up in Milwaukee and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. She didn’t come to TV news the usual route. Learn more about Amy.

Kohr Harlan, KOIN 6 Reporter

Kohr is a native Portlander who majored in Journalism at the University of Oregon. Learn more about Kohr.

AJ McCord, KOIN 6 Sports Reporter

KOIN 6 Sports Reporter AJ McCord

Growing up in San Diego, AJ split her time between the surf and the gym, devoting most of her childhood and teen life to gymnastics. Learn more about AJ

Cole Miller, KOIN 6 Reporter

KOIN 6 News reporter Cole Miller

Born and raised in Nebraska, Cole got his foot in the broadcasting door before graduating a Cornhusker.  Learn more about Cole.

Brent Weisberg, KOIN 6 Reporter

Brent graduated from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State with a degree in communication. Learn more about Brent.

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