About KOIN

Located in the KOIN Tower in downtown Portland, KOIN is the CBS television affiliate for the Portland metropolitan area.

The station began in 1925 as a radio station and became part of CBS in 1930. KOIN Television began broadcasting on October 15, 1953 and was Portland’s first over-the-air (VHF) station.

The station has had a series of owners through the years: Mount Hood Radio and Television, Newhouse Broadcasting Corporation, New Vision and currently LIN Media.

KOIN broadcasts 32 hours of news each week. KOIN’s original segment “Always Investigating” promises to hold others accountable. KOIN is also home to the much-loved segment “Wednesday’s Child,” and it is a favorite among viewers every week.

The news station has gone through many transformations since its first broadcast over 60 years ago, including nine title changes from KOIN Television Newsreel in 1953 to the well-known KOIN 6 News of today.