Amani is Wednesday's Child for November 30, 2016 (KOIN)

Wednesday’s Child: Amani

Amani is a beautiful 10-year-old girl who would love to find an adoptive home. She is Wednesday’s Child for November 30, 2016.

Dakota is Wednesday's Child for November 23, 2016 (KOIN)

Wednesday’s Child: Dakota

The 12-year-old is a 6th grader with a great sense of humor and willingness to try things. What he’d like is to find an adoptive family.

Wednesday’s Child: Cody

Cody had never been in a television studio before he sat at the KOIN 6 News desk. The 11-year-old is a very thoughtful young man who likes k…

Jensina is Wednesday's Child for October 5, 2016 (KOIN)

Wednesday’s Child: Jensina

Jensina would love to make her dream come true. She is Wednesday’s Child for October 5, 2016.

Wednesday’s Child: Izac

Izac wants to become a therapist so he can help other children who grew up facing things they shouldn’t have to face. Finding an adoptive ho…

Matt is Wednesday's Child for June 29, 2016 (KOIN)

Wednesday’s Child: Matt

Matt has been living in foster car waiting to find an adoptive home. He is Wednesday’s Child for June 29, 2016.

Johnny is Wednesday's Child for May 25, 2016 (KOIN)

Wednesday’s Child: Johnny

This 10-year-old is bright and funny, loves reading and school sports and has a pretty good idea what he wants to be when he grows up.