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The Associated Press is changing providers for many of our AP Sports Agate files starting Sunday, May 1.

Samples for MLB Box Scores are being posted at and are scheduled to go into production Thursday.

Because of this work, AP’s sports agate lineup will be temporarily scaled back effective Monday, May 2. Work will continue to restore as many of the active fixtures as soon as possible but some may not be available for days or possibly weeks, in the case of the deeper-dive agate files.

The following items will continue without interruption after May 1:

TV SportsWatch


Sports Odds

BBA-American League Glance

BBN-National League Glance

BBO-Major League Linescores

BBA-BOX, basic game box scores, BBN-BOX, basic game box scores

BBA-Top Ten, BBN-Top Ten

BBO-This Date in Baseball

BKN-NBA Playoff Glance

BKN-NBA Daily Playoff Glance

BKN-NBA game boxes

BKN-NBA Leaders

BKN-NBA individual team Postseason Stax

BKN-NBA Team Comparison

BKN-NBA Calendar

HKN-NHL Playoff Glance

HKN-NHL Daily Playoff Glance

HKN-NHL game sums

HKN-NHL game sum

HKN-NHL Calendar

SOC-MLS Glance

CAR-NASCAR Sprint Cup, Xfinity and Camping World lineups, results, points leaders and schedule-winners

CAR-Formula One lineup, results, points leaders and schedule-winners

Golf agate – scores, schedule and standings

Tennis agate – scores, schedule and standings

Horse racing agate – entries and results

The following items will not be available on May 2 and the immediate days to follow. We will aim to restore the most popular items first. This daily advisory will be updated to note when specific fixtures are restored to the agate lineup:


BBO-Expanded Baseball Glance

BBA-EXP BOX, expanded game box scores, BBN-EXP BOX, expanded game box scores

BBA-WIDE BOX, wide game box scores, BBN-WIDE BOX, wide game box scores

BBA-game Runs, BBN—game Runs – A review of how each run was scored from each game.

BBO-MLB Pitching Comparison

BBO-MLB Expanded Pitching Comparison

BBA-Leaders, BBN-Leaders

BBA-American League Leaders, BBN-National League Leaders

BBA-STAX, Major League Pitching, BBN-STAX, Major League Pitching

BBA-STAX, Major League Batting, BBN-STAX, Major League Batting

BBA-American League Individual Batting, BBN-National League Individual Batting

BBA-American League Individual Pitching, BBN-National League Individual Pitching

BBA-individual Team Stax, BBN-individual Team Stax

BBA-American League Team Statistics, BBN-National League Team Statistics

BBM-Minor League glances

NASCAR Sprint Cup, Xfinity and Camping World miles led leaders, laps led leaders, pole winners and all other weekly standings

Formula One miles led leaders, laps led leaders, pole winners and all other weekly standings

These files will be suspended through the remainder of the NBA/NHL playoffs but resume next season:

BKN-NBA game long boxes

BKN-NBA Individual Leaders

HKN-Goalie Leaders

HKN-NHL Goalies

HKN-NHL Leaders List

HKN-NHL Leaders

HKN-NHL Streaks

HKN-individual team Postseason Stax

The following files will be retired after May 1 and will not be restored:

BBO-Expanded Standings

BBA-American League Team Comparison, BBN-National League Comparison

BBA-American League Streaks, BBN-National League Streaks

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