Burst pipe floods LA Fitness in Pearl District

Members can work out at Lloyd District location

LA Fitness was flooded early Monday morning, December 4 2017. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The LA Fitness in the Pearl District will be closed for the foreseeable future after the gym was flooded early Monday morning.

The 3-story club is located at the intersection of Northwest 14th Avenue and Northwest Northrup Street.

Portland Fire & Rescue crews were notified of the flood around 4:45 a.m. on Monday. When they arrived, they found water gushing into the club’s cardio and lobby area.

Crews were able to slow the water flow shortly after arriving on scene, but water was not fully shut off until around 6:15 a.m.

The cardio area is below ground. The lobby area is on street level and houses the club’s locker rooms and children’s center. Portland Fire & Rescue said at one point, water was up to a firefighter’s hip.

Nearly every square inch of the cardio area was covered in water, with about 1-2” of water covering some of the treadmills’ bases. On the street level, the lobby, children’s center and hallway leading to the locker rooms has water on it. The basketball and racquet ball courts also appear to have significant water damage.

An employee of the gym, who showed up after the flood, told KOIN 6 News that the club recently installed several new cardio machines and renovated the locker rooms.

Officials say the flooding was caused by a private water line and not a line belonging to the City of Portland.

The staff at the gym declined to comment. A sign post on the front door directs people to use the club’s Lloyd District location.

Club member Michael Tocchini said the flood was totally surprising, “especially with the fact that the pool was just closed for 3 weeks, so it’s kind of a bummer. And it’ll be interesting to see, indefinitely is an unfortunate term, especially when people count on the location of this one versus the Lloyd Center one.”

On Monday afternoon, the club’s website said the gym will be closed at least through 5 p.m. on Friday.

KOIN 6 News reporter Chris Holmstrom contributed to this report.