We may see near-record highs for Thanksgiving

Record high in Portland on Thanksgiving was 63 in 1977

A Thanksgiving feast (KOIN, file)
A Thanksgiving feast (KOIN, file)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We all know that a dry Thanksgiving doesn’t happen very often around the Pacific Northwest. A matter of fact, the probability of .01″ of rain or more on the holiday is around 65 percent. Well guess what, this year, that chance for rain is still in the forecast. That isn’t what this blog is about though, this year, we may be close to a record high temperature on Thanksgiving.

Right now, weather models are leaning to above average temperatures for the holiday on Thursday. From the information that I gathered from the NWS in Portland, the “Warmest High” for Portland came in 1977 at 63 degrees. The forecast at this time for Thanksgiving, is 60 degrees.

With the warmer air in place, this means the snow levels are going to be higher this week. I expect the snow level to be around 8,000ft or so and that means the passes should be good to go for travel.

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Major Holiday Weather Statistics & Records
NWS – Portland


In the meantime, who here does a deep fried Turkey for Thanksgiving? I’ve always been intrigued at Thanksgiving traditions and longtime family recipes.

I must admit, my favorite, is all the side dishes (specifically sweet potatoes, with marshmallow).

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