Marine vet wins $1K on scratch-off from anonymous donor

The money will help pay off the couple's trip to Hawaii, where Justice proposed

Justice and Emily Prosise won $1,000 on a scratch-it ticket that was left on Justice's car. (Courtesy: Oregon Lottery)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Justice Prosise was walking to his car after a day of classes at Rogue Community College when he stumbled upon something that would take more than one look to believe.

There, on the windshield of Prosise’s car, was an Oregon Lottery Scratch-it ticket. He looked around: there were tickets on 2 other cars that were parked in the school’s veteran parking spots.

The Marine Corps veteran decided to play the ticket. He scratched and scratched until the ticket’s value revealed itself.

“So I played it, and kept looking at it because I won $1,000,” Prosise said, according to a press release from the Oregon Lottery. “I probably checked it more than 10 times.”

Prosise’s wife, Emily, also couldn’t believe it.

“It was too good to be true,” Emily said. “Just $1,000 out of nowhere!”

The couple isn’t sure where the ticket came from, but they’re extremely thankful.

“We want to give the person a big hug and say thank you!” Emily said.

The money will go to good use, the Prosise’s said. Last April, Justice took Emily to Hawaii. On the beach, with the sunset in the background, he proposed to her. The money will go to paying that memory off.

“I’m not totally romantic,” Prosise said, “the ring was in a Poke Ball.”