Sex trafficking suspect surrenders to FBI in Seattle

Kamau Kambui Leland Curnal, 29, was arrested without incident

Kamau Kambui Leland Curnal, 29, could be anywhere in the United States (FBI)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A 29-year-old man wanted for sex trafficking surrender to the FBI in Seattle Thursday night, authorities said.

Kamau Kambui Leland Curnal was thought to be anywhere in the United States, although officials believed he may be living in the Seattle-area. Earlier in the week, the FBI announced it increased the reward to $15,000 in connection with the search for a fugitive facing allegations of sex trafficking.

“He and his partner had sex trafficked a minor from Portland to Seattle and we had a reward out for him for about $10.000 that did result in some information but we’re seeking some more information,” according to FBI Supervisory Special Agent Denise Biehn.

“He’s a trafficker that we’ve been looking for for about a year now,” Biehn said.

In October 2016, a federal grand jury in Oregon charged Curnal with one count of sex trafficking of a child and one count of transportation of a minor for the purposes of prostitution.

Records show that Curnal and Terrence Barnes – who also goes by the name of Aaron Barnes – drove a minor victim from Portland to Seattle as part of a trafficking operation.

“His partner (Barnes) was picked up in Nebraska so he (Curnal) could be anywhere and we’re interested in any information that anyone would have,” Biehn said.

The FBI ran Facecbook ads in the Seattle area in an effort to generate new leads.

“No tip is too small for us to take a look at and sometimes it’s as small as ‘I think I saw him at the gas station’ or ‘I have a phone number for him,'” Biehn said.