Band saw causes 10 cars to crash on I-5, driver sought

One person was taken to the hospital

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A large band saw fell off a pick-up truck on Tuesday night on I-5 north of Woodburn, causing 10 cars to hit it and crash.

Police said the large band saw that fell off the pick-up was red and black. (KOIN)

The driver of the pick-up was reportedly carrying a flat bed trailer and the saw fell off of the trailer. The driver initially stopped and ran to it but once he saw cars hitting it, he got back into his pick-up and fled the scene.

“I was kinda in shock, I didn’t realize what had just happened,” said Michael Campbell, one of the drivers involved. “I was looking around at the debris and I didn’t see, I guess it was a band saw but I saw bumpers and pieces of vehicles all over the places.”

Most of the cars had minor damage, except for one that flipped several times. The driver of that car was taken to the hospital with injuries. No other injuries were reported.

The band saw was approximately 5 feet long and 2 feet tall and red and black.

The pick-up was described as a larger style personal vehicle such as a Ford F250.

Police want to talk to anyone who witnessed the crash or who has information: 1.800.452.7888.