Poll: PNW drivers are ‘too polite’ to honk

However, 74% agreed that honking is the best way to tell other drivers to pay attention

As more and more people move to Portland, the traffic continues to build. February 5, 2017, (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A recent poll by a Seattle-based insurer found that drivers in the Northwest refuse to honk their horns — despite most of them believing it’s the right way to get the attention of a distracted driver.

PEMCO Insurance found that 78% of drivers in Washington state and Oregon rarely or never honk their horns. Another 55% agreed that honking their horn was “impolite.”

While most drivers said they don’t honk their horns, 74% agreed that honking is the best way to tell other drivers to pay attention.

PEMCO spokesperson Derek Wing said, “While Northwest drivers definitely face a lot of frustrations on the road — from gridlock to construction slow-downs to slippery streets — our roads seem noticeably quieter compared to other more vocal regions.”

The poll results also showed that younger drivers are more aggressive when it comes to honking. Those under 35 years old are twice as likely to use their horn at least sometimes, but they’re more likely to feel bad when honked at.

The poll suggests that Northwest drivers may take honking personally.

According to the results, 44% of drivers are startled when honked out while a quarter of the respondents said it makes them feel bad when someone honks at them. About another quarter said getting honked at makes them mad.