Anne McEnerny-Ogle first woman mayor of Vancouver

Councilwoman Anne McEnerny-Ogle wins

Anne McEnerny-Ogle visits KOIN 6 News, November 8 2017. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Vancouver has elected its first female mayor, with Councilwoman Anne McEnerny-Ogle receiving the majority of votes on Tuesday night.

McEnerny-Ogle was the only candidate running after Steven Cox withdrew. The final votes have not been counted.

McEnerny-Ogle visited the KOIN 6 News studio on Wednesday morning to discuss her vision for Vancouver.

“Housing for the homeless is still at the top of our list. And the I-5 bridge,” McEnerny-Ogle said of her priorities.

“We’re also looking forward to the new waterfront. We have a new waterfront park along the Columbia River.”