Broken pipe leaks 4,200 gallons of sewage

Some of the sewage affected Ivy Creek

The sewage spill on July 9, 2017 was from a privately-owned pipe, not a city sewer line. (Portland Bureau of Environmental Services)
A sewage spill warning sign. (Portland Bureau of Environmental Services)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An undisclosed amount of sewage leaked into Ivy Creek in Southwest Portland Tuesday evening, according to officials.

The Portland Bureau of Environmental Services said crews found a broken pipe leaking sewage around the 4700 block of SW Lowell Court after responding to reports of an odor.

The site is near the pedestrian-only Bridlewood Bridge.

Crews installed a new section of piped and were able to stop the leak around midnight. Tuesday’s odor was reported at 5:30 p.m., however, residents said they had noticed the odor for about 3 days beforehand.

Crews estimated that about 4,200 gallons of sewage leaked out, but it’s unclear how much affected Ivy Creek.

As a precaution, the public is advised to adhere to the warning signs posted at the site and avoid contact with Ivy Creek for at least 48 hours.