Portland day care shuttered after 2nd death in 2 years

The most recent death happened on Oct. 6.

The Broadway Children's Center in NE Portland has been suspended after 2 children deaths in 2 years (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Regulators in Oregon have shuttered a day care facility after a second baby in its care died in as many years, an unprecedented number of deaths at a single day care center for the state.

A 10-month old was rushed to the hospital on October 4 after a 911 call and died 2 days later. The medical examiner has not announced the cause of death because they are waiting for toxicology results.

The Oregonian reports the infants who died were under the care of the same person. No one at Broadway Children’s Center in Portland has been arrested or accused of wrongdoing and the attorney representing the worker said that person has done nothing wrong. 

The state said the babies died under “similar circumstances.” Investigators said the 2016 death was sleep-related and concluded there were no suspicious circumstances. Broadway Children’s Center was allowed to reopen after that investigation.

Owner Celeste Probasco-Artharee said in a statement that her center is devastated and will cooperate throughout the investigation.

Kelly Stover told the newspaper she and other parents are pushing for the center to reopen.

KOIN 6 News staff contributed to this report.