Sherwood teacher gets pep rally before surgery

Sherwood High School teacher Sarah Holtz is getting a new kidney

Students rallied around Sherwood HS teacher Sarah Holtz before her surgery, October 19 2017. (KOIN)

SHERWOOD, Ore. (KOIN) — Two years ago, Sherwood High School teacher Sarah Holtz was told she would die unless someone could donate her a kidney.

But amazingly enough, a donor was found and the surgery is scheduled for the end of the month. On Thursday, her students rallied behind her in support.

“This really gives me a lot of inspiration and hope for the next eleven days. To get through the last eleven days of treatment for dialysis and have strength going into surgery,” Holtz says.

Sherwood HS teacher Sarah Holtz in a photo from her Facebook page, October 28, 2016

Sarah’s donor is Carolyn Davidson, an elementary school teacher in Newberg whom she had never met before compatible kidneys brought them together.

“I’m actually excited. It’s a few weeks of recovery for me so that she can actually live a lot longer,” Davidson says.

Donate Life NW commends Davidson’s donation.

“Just the fact that this woman who doesn’t really know her is giving her the gift of life, it’s a pretty incredible thing to be able to do,” Aimee Adelmann with Donate Life NW says.