Chinese nationals indicted, linked to Oregon overdoses

Four overdoses in Oregon

A file photo of pills being dispensed into a bottle. (KOIN)
A file photo of pills being dispensed into a bottle. (KOIN)

WASHINGTON (AP) — A pair of Chinese nationals has been indicted on charges that they manufactured tons of fentanyl and other powerful narcotics that were then peddled in the United States.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the indictments Tuesday, saying the pair ran one of the world’s most prolific drug trafficking and money laundering organizations. Also indicted were more than a dozen people accused of trafficking the drugs in the U.S. and Canada.

Authorities say the investigations of 40-year-old Xiaobang Yan and 38-year-old Jian Zhang show the many ways the deadly drug is flooding into the US as it struggles with an abuse epidemic.

Officials say American customers could purchase pure fentanyl and other dangerous drugs online, directly from Chinese factories. Inexperienced users don’t know the drug is pure and overdose.

Four of the overdoses listed in the case were in the state of Oregon.

KOIN 6 News Reporter Trevor Ault contributed to this report.