$2M in tax refunds just sitting in Oregon coffers

Thousands have until October 13 to claim their tax refund from Oregon

US currency (Public Domain Photos, Circe Denyer)
US currency (Public Domain Photos, Circe Denyer)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Everybody complains about paying taxes. Sometimes, though, people don’t bother to pick up their tax refunds.

The Oregon Department of Revenue said taxpayers who have tax refund money waiting for them — and there are thousands of them — have until October 13 before it gets harder to claim the money.

Details: Oregon Department of Revenue

State checks expire 2 years after they’re issued. After that, it takes more requirements to get them re-issued.

The revenue department sent 9000 letters to taxpayers in July, worth a collective $2 million in refunds. If you’re one of the 9000, either sign the letter and return it by October 13 or call 503.947.0084 to ask for a re-issued check.

So far, only about 2000 people have responded to those letters, officials said.