Anti-Muslim note found in Mult. Co. employee breakroom

County officials say the message threatened Muslims

The Lincoln Building in downtown Portland. (Google Street View)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A sticker promoting violence against Muslims was found in the bathroom at a building where Multnomah County employees work.

An employee spotted the sticker in the break room at the Lincoln Building in downtown Portland. County officials said Portland police took the sticker and managers sent an email to employees saying there is zero tolerance for hate speech.

Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith is fed up with the hate.

“This is becoming an every day occurrence and we can’t have that,” she said.

It’s unclear at this point if a county employee put the sticker there because other companies also use that building.

“Anytime you have this xenophobic message, this divisiveness, we have to take a look at this and make sure all of our employees are safe,” Smith said.

This threat against Muslims brings Smith back to May, when three men stood up against a hateful rant from a racist man threatening a Muslim girl on the MAX. 

“I think it is our responsibility as a county that when we see, when this comes up and rears its ugly head, we have to stomp it out, we really do,” Smith said.

Seemab Hussaini with the Council on Islamic-American Relations said the group is working to be a vice for those who feel powerless and on programs to address the spike in hateful language.

“People come here for that safety and shelter,” Hussaini said. “It is hard for them, much of the time, to speak up for themselves.”

Smith said the work the Islamic-American Relations council is doing needs to be a priority.

“We can do better,” Hussaini said. “We can do better than what we’re doing.”