McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce set to return after 19 years

The sauce was first released with the movie Mulan in 1998

FILE - In this March 4, 2015 file photo, an order of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets is displayed for a photo in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. McDonald’s is testing Chicken McNuggets with no artificial preservatives as it works to revive its U.S. business. The world’s biggest hamburger chain says it began testing the new recipe in about 140 stores in Oregon and Washington in March 2016. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s been 19 years since McDonald’s released its Mulan Szechuan Sauce to coincide with the Disney movie’s release, but thanks to fan interest and the hit television show ‘Rick and Morty,” McDonald’s is bringing it back for one more day.

This Saturday, the sauce will make its return to participating locations — inducing 2 in Portland — as a part of McDonald’s unveiling 9 limited-time sauces to go with its new buttermilk crispy tenders.

“Guys, we did it,” said McDonald’s Chef Michael Haracz. “After returning with the Szechuan Sauce from the always-1998 dimension, C-1998M, we did some science and now we have a bit more sauce! Technology is amazing. But delivering for our customers is even better. I can’t wait for fans to taste the savory, sweet flavor of Szechuan Sauce paired with our new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders. It’s a great moment for McDonald’s and our fans that I’m definitely not taking for granite.”

Rick and Morty reminded viewers of the sauce in a the season 3 opening episode. It’s fame has caught on ever since, and now fans of the show and the sauce will get to taste the teriyaki sauce, once again.

The release comes at an unfortunate time for one Szechuan  Sauce fan. According to the Eater, a person made a bid worth over $14,000 in April to buy a pair of the 19-year old sauces.

You can view the participating locations here.