I-Fly taking indoor skydiving to new heights

Tigard is home to one of the world's best indoor skydiving teams

I-Fly in Tigard gives people the chance to indoor skydive (KOIN)

TIGARD, Ore. (KOIN) — A little over a year ago, 4 skydivers decided to take their talent from the air, to the tunnel. They took up indoor skydiving and eventually would become national champions in the up-and-coming sport.

But the first time went inside the 14-foot diameter tunnel, with wind speeds upward of 200 mph, it wasn’t pretty.

“A lot of crashing into each other and laughing each other, basically,” said Dave Rezlaff.

Drake Rezlaff is one of the members for Dynamic Indoor Skydiving at I-Fly in Tigard. (KOIN)
Dave Rezlaff is one of the members for Dynamic Indoor Skydiving at I-Fly in Tigard. (KOIN)

Today, Prana Vayu, training at I-Fly in Tigard, is one of the world’s best indoor skydiving teams, and they’ll have the chance to prove it in a couple weeks in Quebec, where teams representing 22 countries will compete.

“It’s pretty crazy,” said Cole Fehr, one of the team members. “It’s happening pretty quick and it hasn’t really sunken in yet.”

Their performance, which is divided into a speed category and a choreographed category, is flawless. But before they can fly, they’ve got to play with dolls.

“Literally,” said Jeff Dimock. “We have action figures that we fly around and create moves with, then we go in there and make it happen.”

The flyers have hopes that the world stage will showcase the sport enough to where it got picked up by either the X-Games or the Olympics. They hope it happens in the next 5 years.

“It would baffle my mind if it didn’t get picked up),” said Rezlaff.