Local Confederate monument no longer a historical site

The land is owned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans

The Jefferson Davis Park is about 20 miles north of Portland in Ridgefield, Washington, Aug. 15, 2017. (KOIN)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — The Clark County Historical Preservation Commission voted Tuesday night to remove a local Confederate monument, Jefferson Davis Park, from a list of local historical sites.

Just north on I-5 in Ridgefield, Washington, you’ll see a Confederate flag flying high. It’s part of what’s known as Jefferson Davis park, commemorating the former Confederate leader. It was classified by the county as historic in 2002.

Members of the public passionately testified at the meeting, some saying the monument creates bitterness, others saying it’s historically significant.

“The government should not be sanctioning any sort of institutional racism,” Elizabeth Madrigal said.

“Jefferson Davis was an american,” an attendee in favor of the park said.

The park is on private property, owned by a group known as the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Therefore, the county can’t force them to take it down. So the vote to remove it from the county’s history was mostly symbolic.

“Taking it off this register. That’s the important part,” Madrigal said.

Even after Tuesday’s vote, the Sons of Confederate Veterans have no plans to take the monument down.

“We’ll never quit! We’ll never tire! And we’ll never surrender,” one member announced at the meeting.