Family that survived Mexico quake preps for Cascadia event

The family is getting ready after seeing the devastation in Mexico

Alejandra Interian's family was in Mexico City when the 7.1 earthquake hit. (KOIN)
Alejandra Interian's family was in Mexico City when the 7.1 earthquake hit. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — All across Oregon, the push to get ready for “the big one” continues and Tuesday, hundreds flocked to Tigard High School for the Prepare Out Loud event to get ready for a disaster.

Among them was a family that was in Mexico City when the magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit earlier this month, devastating the city. After seeing the destructing there, this family is getting ready for what could happen here.

Disaster kit checklist 

“It was really bad, it was scary,” Alejandra Interian told KOIN 6 News. “You couldn’t walk, you couldn’t do anything because everybody was screaming.

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, Tigard Police, the Red Cross and other agencies were on hand to help Interian and her family get everything they’ll need for the Cascadia Subduction Zone event.

“Flashlights, cans of food, water, extra water bottles…” She said.

Prepare Out Loud encourages people to take simple steps to get their family ready for an event that is expected to impact millions of people on the West Coast. Part of that preparation is sharing it — online or by word of mouth.

All the advice being given at the Prepare Out Loud event is important for a major disaster but also comes in handy for things like flooding and fires, two things that have hit the Portland area in the past year.

“Our message for preparedness is not 72 hours, not for a week, not for two weeks, a month is what we try to put out,” Tigard emergency services coordinator Mike Lueck said.