Police: Man in hazmat suit stole from store

"Look for the guy wearing the all-white hazmat suit"

Bruce Lloyd McDaniel. (MCSO)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – It was probably one of the easiest suspect descriptions police had to go on as they looked for a burglary suspect — look for the guy wearing the all-white hazmat suit carrying a red bag and backpack.

Police say that 40-year-old Bruce Lloyd McDaniel walked into The Mountain Shop in Northeast Portland last month and stole about $1,000 worth of merchandise, including 5 knives and two cans of bear spray.

Officers were quick to get on scene and spotted McDaniel nearby exactly as described by the two 9-1-1 callers.

Police chased McDaniel, according to court documents.

“When [McDaniel] failed in his attempt to jump over a fence, he turned and charged toward [the officer]…[The officer] deployed his Taser but it did not have any effect on [McDaniel],” according to court documents.

McDaniel was able to escape capture that day, police confirmed. Burglary detectives picked up the case and started reviewing video from the store.

They were able to identify McDaniel as the suspect, according to court documents.

Earlier this week, police attempted to arrest McDaniel but he got into a struggle with officers. It took a total of 3 police officers to take him into custody, according to court documents.

McDaniel is now charged with burglary, escape, resisting arrest and theft.

He appeared in court earlier this week and pleaded not guilty.