Eclipse forecast: Clouds most likely won’t be an issue

Solar eclipse is Aug. 21

This photo provided by Bob Baer and Sarah Kovac, participants in the Citizen CATE Experiment, shows a "diamond ring" shape during the 2016 total solar eclipse in Indonesia. For the 2017 eclipse over the United States, the National Science Foundation-funded movie project nicknamed Citizen CATE will have more than 200 volunteers trained and given special small telescopes and tripods to observe the sun at 68 locations in the exact same way. The thousands of images from the citizen-scientists will be combined for a movie of the usually hard-to-see sun’s edge. (R. Baer, S. Kovac/Citizen CATE Experiment via AP)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Confidence is pretty high with current forecast when it comes to cloud coverage being minimal for the Willamette Valley and Central and Eastern Oregon.

It will likely come down to Monday morning for cloud coverage on the Central coast.

As of Sunday night, some models are showing some morning coastal clouds. However, it may be just a few clouds and nothing significant.

Viewers will see the begin to see the start of the eclipse at 9:06 a.m., however it’ll take about an hour for the sun to get completely behind the moon.

About 10:19 is when the full eclipse will occur.

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