Watch the solar eclipse: KOIN coverage on-air, online

The solar eclipse happens August 21, 2017

A NASA graphic showing the phases for a total solar eclipse
A NASA graphic showing the phases for a total solar eclipse

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Maybe you have to work. Or you’re trying to stay away from the throngs of visitors. Or maybe you have only passing interest in the rare solar eclipse that will first hit the United States on the Oregon coast Monday morning.

But you’d still like to see it. No worries. You’re covered right here on KOIN 6 News and on

KOIN 6 News This Morning will begin at 4 a.m. Monday with continuous coverage through 7 a.m. That’s when CBS This Morning takes over until 9 a.m. KOIN 6 News will be back on at 9 a.m. with live coverage from our crews positioned throughout the state in key spots.

Not near a TV? That’s OK, too. will stream coverage from both KOIN 6 News and CBS:

Live eclipse coverage on will be streamed here and here.

CBS coverage will be available here.

And will also provide live streaming coverage from NASA.

Two of the advantages of watching the eclipse on KOIN 6 News and No crowds and you don’t need special glasses.

Stay with KOIN for complete coverage of the Solar Eclipse beginning at 4 a.m. Monday.

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