Stores in the ‘path of totality’ still have glasses

Looking at the eclipse without glasses can cause permanent damage

KOIN 6 News reporter Lisa Balick holds eclipse glasses at a Fred Meyer store in Salem, August 17, 2017 (KOIN)
KOIN 6 News reporter Lisa Balick holds eclipse glasses at a Fred Meyer store in Salem, August 17, 2017 (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — If you thought you could wait until four days before the eclipse to get your protective glasses, you might have to look farther than your usual shopping spots.

Portland area department stores, grocery stores, gas stations and eyewear shops are sold out and won’t be getting more.

Stores closer to the path of totality are better stocked. McDonald’s restaurants are selling glasses as a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of Oregon and SW Washington and just got a new shipment in on Thursday.

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Portland area Fred Meyer stores are sold out, but the Salem store had hundreds ready for the thousands of visitors expected to watch the eclipse there.

The best way to ensure you won’t waste a trip is to call ahead and make sure the store is well stocked.

When you’re buying glasses, make sure they are the right kind. Shining a light through your glasses or looking for the ISO 123112-2 mark on the side isn’t enough sometimes to ensure your glasses are safe for viewing.

Looking at the eclipse minutes before or after the totality without proper protection can cause permanent eye damage.

There have already been several recalls, including thousands of glasses sold on Amazon. Legacy Health in Portland said some of the recalled glasses were handed out at their events, but if you got them from a Legacy Clinic in the past month, they are safe.

The West Linn Library also recalled the glasses they were giving away.

The Oregon Academy of Ophthalmology recommends these 4 certified manufacturers: Rainbow Symphony, American Paper Optics, Thousand Oaks Optical and TSE 17.

Most stores are selling them for just $2

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