Traps set near Portland overflow with Japanese beetles

12,000 beetles were caught

The Oregon Department of Agriculture says its found 265 Japanese beetles in the region, August 30, 2016. (ODA)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Traps set in the Portland area caught 12,000 Japanese beetles.

The Capital Press Agriculture Weekly reported Wednesday the traps were set in conjunction with an Oregon Department of Agriculture eradication campaign to kill off the invasive pests that can cause major damage to home gardens and to nursery, vegetable, vineyard and orchard crops.

This past spring, department contractors treated the grounds of about 2,400 residences on 1.56 square miles (4.04 square kilometers) west of Portland with a granular form of the insecticide Acelepryn.

Adult beetles laying eggs this summer were not harmed, but grubs that hatch in the treated areas will ingest the insecticide and die, interrupting the generational cycle. The ag department planned five years of annual treatments, a pattern that has worked in other states.