Bystanders break window to rescue 2 dogs from car

The owner was cited for animal neglect

BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — Two Panera Bread employees stepped in to help after a customer came in, panicking and unable to find the owner of a van with two barking dogs locked inside.

They scoured the shops at Cedar Hills Crossing Wednesday afternoon before eventually breaking the window, which is legal in Oregon if an animal or child is in danger.

One of the Panera Bread employees, Brenda Puga, told KOIN 6 News she crawled into the van to get the dogs and was “drenched in sweat” within minutes.

“I’m sure they care about their dogs and everything, they just made a mistake of leaving them out here too long,” Puga said. “By the time we got them out, they had been in there for at least 45 minutes that we knew of.”

Police said the owner, 21-year-old Barth Cosett, was inside a Chase Bank on the other side of the strip mall opening an account. He admitted it was a “poor choice” to leave the dogs in the car.

The 13- and 2-year-old Yorkshire Terriers are “emotional support dogs.”

Cosett and the woman he was with didn’t want to speak on camera, but Puga said they seemed upset about what happened.

“She said she felt real vulnerable having someone do that and I explained to her, ‘I’m sorry it happened, but you got to understand. From our point of view, we hear a dog in a hot car, we’re going to do whatever we can to get it out,'” Puga said.

Under the new Oregon law enacted on June 22, neither Puga nor her co-worker were in any trouble. Cosett was cited for animal neglect.

Earlier this summer, a woman broke into a Mercedes when she saw a dog sitting inside on an 89 degree day.

When it’s 90 degrees outside, it can get as hot as 114 degrees inside a car within 10 minutes and 129 degrees within 30 minutes.

Bottom line: Don’t leave kids, pets in hot cars