2 deputies shoot, kill aggressive escaped goat

The goat was wandering around a NW Portland neighborhood

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It took 2 Washington County deputies — including one with a rifle — to put down an aggressive escaped goat Sunday.

The deputies were called to NW Catalpa Street and Woodrush Way in Portland after residents reported several goats and sheep wandering around the neighborhood. Deputies said there were 6 goats and 5 sheep.

One goat kept approaching the deputies and began getting aggressive, officials said. The goat stood on its hind legs and rammed its “very sharp” horns on a light pole. One deputy said he grabbed the goat’s horns when it got close and felt its strength. The deputy said the goat was becoming more aggressive.

When the goat came at the deputy again, he fired his pistol at its neck. The first shot didn’t kill the clearly pained goat, so the deputy shot twice more.

Still, the goat didn’t die.

At that point the deputies called for help from another deputy armed with a rifle.

The goat’s owner, Matthew Minnick, arrived and gave permission for the rifle-carrying deputy to put the goat down.

In a statement, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office expressed sadness the goat died, but believe the use of force was appropriate.