River Fusion 22 wants to create memorable eclipse experience

Festival runs from Aug. 18-21

Many of the River Fusion 22's events fall along the Santiam River. Aug 8, 2017. (River Fusion 22 Facebook)

NORTH SANTIAM RIVER COUNTRY, Ore. (KOIN) — The solar eclipse is less than 2 weeks away and many camping places in Oregon are sold out, but a group of towns and farms along Highway 22 are working together to offer eclipse visitors a weekend full of activities.

The River Fusion 22 Festival features a Friday night block party, a corn festival on Saturday and a music and art jamboree Sunday, all of which is next to the Santiam River.

The festival is a way for local communities to celebrate the eclipse with a list of unique and celebratory events.

River Fusion 22 features many events including a music and art jamboree and block party, Aug. 8, 2017. (River Fusion 22 Facebook)

Located east of Salem, the festival falls along Highway 22 and came together by multiple campsites and venues around the area working together to provide visitors with a memorable solar eclipse experience.

Elaina Turpin is a co-organizer of the upcoming festival.

“Would you rather spend the eclipse on the hot concrete or out here next to the river?” Turpin said.

Turpin also said there’s “probably hundreds of campsites” still available throughout the region.

River Fusion 22 is also working with Camp Taloali, located east of Stayton.

Hundreds of people have already booked to stay at this 111-acre camp for the eclipse.

Janet Johanson, camp director, said, “We have the river, we have food, we have good company and good volunteers, so this is going to be an oasis in the middle of commotion.”

The 10 cabins sold out last year at $900 a piece for the 3-day weekend, and this year, tent sites are going for $600.

In Stayton, the city is opening Pioneer Park to 12 RV campers at $250 a piece.

Another venue visitors can head to is Cascade High School in Turner. The school is offering campsites in the path of totality.

River Fusion 22’s events run from Aug. 18-21. More information about the festival and all the participating venues can be found on their Facebook page.