Summer camps in Portland cope with extreme heat

Camp organizers are giving students more water breaks

Students play outside at school. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Multiple days this week are supposed to reach over 100 degrees, so summer camps around the city are going to extra lengths to make sure kids stay hydrated in the heat.

Summer camps, including Adventure Wild– a camp run by the Mazamas, are modifying their schedules a bit to ensure kids get enough rest and water during the blistering temperatures.

Camp organizers at Adventure Wild are giving them more water breaks in between games and exercises and even spritzing them with water from time to time.

(National Weather Service)

Youth and outreach program manager at Mazamas Claire Nelson said they’re constantly monitoring the kids for any signs of heat exhaustion.

“One thing we’re looking for immediately is thirst for our students. If they’re feeling thirsty, we’re going to address that immediately,” Nelson said.

Nelson also said they’re looking for signs like irritability, lethargic behavior or profuse sweating.

Due to the camp’s precautions, there haven’t been any issues with heat exhaustion among the campers.

If you have a student at camp, make sure you’re in frequent touch with the organizers and check to see what they’re doing to keep the students safe, especially if they’re at a larger camp.