Repairmen busy fixing air conditioners during heatwave

AC issues are common with increased use

A repairman from Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning fixes a broken air conditioner, August 2 2017. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Repairmen are busy on Wednesday fixing air conditioners around the city.

Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning sent crews out to Bob Ironside’s house in SW Portland after his air conditioner stopped working, a common problem especially as use increases with hot weather.

“We began noticing that it would not cool the house,” Ironside told KOIN 6 News. He’s lived in the house twenty years but bought the air conditioner around seven years ago.

“We felt with the climate warming we didn’t want to be going through the hot weather without,” he said.

Jacob’s repair specialist Robert Reuter was able to find the problem with the fan motor.

“It’s an electrical part so there’s no guarantee on how long it will last,” Reuter said. He recommends regular maintenance on air conditioner units, just like keeping a car tuned up.

“If you maintain your units and keep them up to date, we can prevent a lot of that failure from happening,” Reuter said. “But sometimes they just happen.”