Heat wave? Don’t let your power bill soar

It's possible to use less energy during a heat wave

Pacific Power has a number of useful tips to stay cool during a heat wave. (Pacific Power Twitter)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Pacific Power and PGE want to remind customers that it is possible to use less energy and save some money during a heat wave.

Pacific Power’s tips include closing blinds and drapes during the hot hours. Officials recommend opening windows in the evening and early morning to let cool air in.

PGE also wants customers to know that extreme heat could lead to power outages due to the heat placing extra stress on electrical equipment. They encourage people to have a few days’ worth of ready-to-eat food that don’t require cooking or cooling in case the power does goes out.

Fans can also circulate and cool air. Ceiling and window fans use less electricity than an air conditioner. If you use an air conditioner, setting it at 78 degrees is ideal and can help save money. Don’t turn off the air conditioner when you are gone, instead set it at 85 degrees.

Officials say its best to avoid using your oven, dishwasher and dryers during the middle of the day. If possible, grill outside or use a microwave or toaster oven. Even TV’s, lamps and computers should be turned off to keep cool.

You can find out more tips on PGE’s website or Pacific Power’s.

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