Ready for The Big One? Prep for The Darkness

Solar Eclipse will happen Monday, August 21

A tent in a backyard (Public Domain Pictures/Peter Griffin)
A tent in a backyard (Public Domain Pictures/Peter Griffin)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Prepared for The Big One? Well, those same preparation can be used for The Darkness.

As various agencies and local governments prepare for the solar eclipse on August 21, the Red Cross is urging people to do 2 things: take part in Camp Prepare, and be prepared in your home and office.

“On the middle of a hot August day we would not want people to be stranded without the necessary supplies,” said Red Cross volunteer Alex Roy.

Another volunteer, Kathleen Elliott, said that “quick run to the store is not going to be a quick run. The store may be out of items that you’re trying to get.”

The increased risk of wildfires during this time is another reason to be prepared, officials said. You might be evacuated in a wildfire and not able to get home soon, so backup supplies are critical.

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On Saturday, August 12, the Red Cross wants people to camp out in their own backyard to test how ready you are for an emergency. That includes being ready for an extended emergency:

— a 3-day supply of food and water
— a first-aid kit
— a flashlight
— extra batteries
— a solar charger
— some cash in small denominations
— pet supplies
— toothbrush, toothpaste, soap
— tools and work gloves
— can opener
— duct tape, plastic sheeting
— toys, games, photos, etc

The Red Cross also wants campers to take a picture and share it. The 10 best photos will get a $200 preparedness kit.

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