Messages to ‘teen girl’ go to undercover cop

Portland man charged for attempting to meet with girl, 15

Kevin Michael Jones. (MCSO)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A 39-year-old man is accused of sending a 15-year-old girl a message asking if he could get her pregnant.

Kevin Michael Jones came under investigation July 7 when an undercover detective with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was working a mission looking for online sexual predators using Facebook. The detective assumed the identity of a 15-year-old girl.

Jones and the undercover deputy began conversing. Jones asked, “can you send me sexly (sic) and cutie pictures of you please,” according to court documents. The conversation ended when the detective expressed concerns about sending nude photos.

On July 11, the detective opened Facebook and saw that after the live conversation had ended on July 7, Jones had sent additional messages that included images of his penis, according to court documents. The case was transferred to Portland Police because it was discovered that Jones was living in Portland.

The next day, on July 12, PPB resumed the conversation using the undercover Facebook account.

“Jones again asked how old she was, and she again replied 15 years old,” according to court documents.

Jones sent multiple sexually explicit messages over Facebook, records show. The conversation then moved from Facebook to text messages.

Some of the text messages included:

Jones: Do you want to meet me at the rose quarter when I got (sic) off from work
Undercover officer: Yea! Where could we go

The other text messages are so graphic they are not publishable.

After talking about where to meet, a time and a place was agreed upon, according to court documents.

On July 13, Jones resumed the conversation in the morning and once again asked for the girl’s birthday. The undercover officer said “November 11, 2002” and Jones asked if he could call the girl. During the conversation on the phone, Jones said that he and the girl could have sex in a garage near the Rose Quarter, as long as no one was around.

The undercover officer gave a description of what she would be wearing at the Rose Quarter.

On the morning of July 14, Jones sent the girl two photos of kittens and a third photo where he was nude, on his back with his penis exposed, according to court documents.

Undercover officers set up at the location where Jones and the fictitious girl had agreed meet. He was eventually taken into custody.

“Defendant admitted to all of the conversations, and disclosed during the subsequent interview that he had sexually explicit images of minors stored on his cell phone,” according to court documents.

According to jail records, Jones uses the nickname of “Bucky” and lives in the Cully neighborhood of Northeast Portland.

A criminal background check shows that Jones has been convicted of attempted rape and telephonic harassment. Jones told jail staff that he works at a rehabilitation center.

Jail records show that Jones is a “non-expiring registered sex offender.” His name does not appear on a database maintained by Oregon State Police because he is not considered a Level 3 sex offender.

Jones is being held at the Multnomah County Detention Center. He is due in court Tuesday on multiple allegations of online sexual corruption of a child, attempted sexual abuse, attempted rape, attempted sodomy, and luring a minor.

When Jones was arrested on July 14, a judge raised his bail and set it at $500,000.