Sally Showman leaving KOIN, ‘best years of my life’

' I have so many life changes happening,' will stay in Portland, fill in on KOIN

KOIN 6 Meteorologist Sally Showman. (Facebook)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Unable to fight back tears, KOIN 6 Meteorologist Sally Showman announced this is her last week at KOIN, a choice she made because of all the life events she has going on in her life.

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“Everybody knows I laugh and I smile a lot. I’m a big crier, as well. It is my last week with KOIN. My last day will be this Friday and we will have a whole week of events celebrating the last 6 years, some of the best years of my life,” she said Monday morning from the site of the Waterfront Blues Festival.

Sally said she feels like the luckiest person on the planet and made this decision “because I have so many life changes happening.”

But she’s staying in Portland.

“I want people to know I will still be in Portland and I also would love it if you follow me on Facebook and I will be posting along the way,” including, she said, her wedding and honeymoon pictures in August.

“KOIN has generously let me know I can come back and fill in. Hopefully you will still catch me on the airwaves occasionally. My last day is this Friday.”

Sally Showman’s Facebook page