Sunriver rental owner not charged for recording hot tub

A hidden door-bell camera recorded video and audio

A generic photo of a hot tub. (AP Photo/Al Grillo)

SUNRIVER, Ore. (AP) – An Oregon judge has ordered that a man who rents out a house to vacationers needs to either stop recording a hot tub on the property’s front porch or put up a sign letting guests know they’re being recorded.

The Bend Bulletin reports the case closed Monday with no charges being filed against the Sunriver vacation rental owner, who says he used the camera for security reasons and to see if employees, such as housekeepers, showed up when they were supposed to.

The hidden door-bell camera recorded video and audio. It came to light after the owner, 59-year-old Kenneth Neish, called police claiming to hear vacationers talking about taking LSD. Authorities found no such evidence, but told the renters about the camera.

Those renters recalled getting in the tub naked, and became worried for their privacy.