Donors to Tualatin cancer GoFundMe to get reimbursed

Jennifer Gaskin said she was treated for cancer, received more than $10K in donations

Jenifer Gaskin in an undated photo (Courtesy: David Hubbs)
Jenifer Gaskin in an undated photo (Courtesy: David Hubbs)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — After a KOIN 6 News investigation into a local woman who claimed to have cancer, GoFundMe said they will reimburse people who donated to her fundraising effort.

Jennifer Gaskin of Tualatin told friends and police she was treated for thyroid cancer and received more than $10,000 through GoFundMe.

A detective investigated and was “unable to locate any medical records that Gaskin was a patient” at the 3 hospitals where she told him she had been treated.

GoFundMe officials told KOIN 6 News it will pay back more than 120 people who donated.

In a statement to KOIN 6 News, GoFundMe officials said:

“We will be personally reaching out to all donors via email. If there are any donors who would like to reach out to us ahead of time, they can do so by filing a donor claim. Donors who have expressed their concerns but haven’t reached out to us can file donor claims here: When asked for the campaign link, they can provide the following:”