Montavilla neighbors say no more homeless sweeps

There aren't many active camps there right now

A homeless woman's cart in the Montavilla neighborhood. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Montavilla neighborhood has decided not to fight the influx of homeless camps on their streets.

On June 19, the Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board of Directors passed a resolution urging the city to stop sweeping homeless encampments within their streets.

Glenndia Lemoine has lived in Montavilla for 28 years and while she feels bad for the homeless, she also said it feels like they’re “encroaching” on the neighborhood.

“It’s not working, they just keep coming back,” Lemoine said. “There needs to be something else figured out.”

Read the full resolution 

Neighborhood leaders say sweeps are an “ineffective waste of taxpayer dollars” and inhumane. The board would rather have their tax dollars going toward long term solutions to the homeless problem in Portland.

“I feel, you kick them out, they’re going to come right back, that’s all there is to it,” Doug Androschuk said.

A spokesperson from Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office said there aren’t many active camps in the area right now, but when one does pop up, the city gets 20-50 calls right away. That’s compared to the 90 active camps on any given week and more than 400 complaints in the City of Portland.

Neighbors are hoping the City Council will come up with a 5-year plan to address the homeless problem long term.

“Most of them don’t want to be there and they just don’t know how to make it better for themselves at this stage of the game,” Lemoine said.