Bye bye Nora: Oregon Zoo polar bear moving to Utah

The beloved polar bear will move to live with a companion in the fall

One year-old polar bear Nora in the snow. © Oregon Zoo / photo by Shervin Hess.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Oregon Zoo’s beloved polar bear Nora will be moving to Utah in the fall.

Nora will be relocated to the Hogle Zoo to introduce her to a new companion, Hope, who is about the same age. Hope is still with his mother at the Toledo Zoo but will also move to Utah in the fall.

Nora was born in November 2015 at the Columbus Zoo. Her mother abandoned her and zookeepers hand reared her. She moved to Oregon in September 2016.

The Zoo says visitors will have all summer to say goodbye to Nora and her departure date in the fall has not been set.

Nora at the Oregon Zoo. (Oregon Zoo)